3 things men can do to promote gender equity | Jimmie Briggs

3 things men can do to promote gender equity | Jimmie Briggs

Jimmie Briggs | The Root, 2017 | Article

“Racial Justice Cannot Happen Without Gender Equality”

Speaking truth to power about violence and inequality within the black community as part of our larger quest for racial justice isn’t vilifying black men but, rather, is creating greater space for those of us who openly declare ourselves feminists to ally with black women on the issues that specifically affect them, as well as hold our brothers accountable to one another.

Jimmie Briggs | SlideShare, 2014 | Article

“Horror in the Congo”

During the nearly six-year civil war in eastern Congo, gang rapes by soldiers were so common that doctors recorded vaginal wounds as crimes of combat.

Jimmie Briggs | TEDxTraverseCity, 2016 | Watch

“Failing forward”

Failure is an opportunity that social activists and entrepreneurs cannot be afraid to embrace.

Jimmie Briggs | HuffPost, 2014 | Article

“The Disease We Are”

More than anyone else, though, I feel the most disgust with myself. I wish I could go, go somewhere in that tragedy-burdened West African region to do something, anything.

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