Uber’s Jamie Heywood steps down as Northern Europe regional manager

Uber’s Jamie Heywood steps down as Northern Europe regional manager

Heywood announced he will step down next month to work on a book project. (Photo/ Jamie Heywood via LinkedIn)

Uber’s Jamie Heywood announced he was stepping down as the company’s regional general manager for Northern Europe after four years in the job.

Heywood said he would leave the company next month to work on a book project, according to a memo seen by Sky News.

The executive added that he was leaving Uber’s UK and Norther Europe businesses “in great shape and well positioned for the future.”

“I feel honoured and proud to have worked alongside every one of you as we’ve collectively risen to the many and varied challenges the world has thrown at us: electrification, Covid, the UK Supreme Court, and TfL, to name just a few,” he said in the note. “We have solved these together.”

Heywood rose to prominence during Uber’s licensing battles with Transport for London (TfL) when in 2019 the public body denied the licence to operate citing breaches that “placed passenger safety at risk.”

TfL’s decision was overturned a year later and in March TfL awarded Uber a 30-month licence, City A.M. reported.

Heywood’s departure comes a month after former British Airways executive Andrew Brem was appointed as Uber’s UK general manager.

Brem will continue to answer to Heywood until next month, reporting afterwards to Anable Diaz, EMEA regional general manager.

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