Nwajiuba backs APC on controversial letter of withdrawal

Nwajiuba backs APC on controversial letter of withdrawal

Former Nigeria’s minister of state for education and a presidential aspirant, Dr Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, Monday said he supported the decision by the ruling All Progressives Congress to attach the controversial letter of withdrawal to the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms sold to aspirants.

The withdrawal letter addressed to the National Chairman of the party, Senator Abdulahi Adamu, must be signed before a Commissioner of Oath/Public Notary before submission, APC said.

Nwajiuba in an interactive session with reporters in Abuja enjoined delegates at the national convention of the party to set aside their pecuniary interest and elect a flagbearer with the wherewithal to address the multifaceted challenges besetting the country.

Nwajiuba said the letter would come in handy if the party decides to adopt a consensus arrangement to select the flagbearer of the party.

Nwajiuba who is a foundation member of the APC promised to accede to the party’s demand for a consensus arrangement if the need arises.

According to him: “It’s not possible to win an election without the consent of everybody. So why would you be saying I can only win if I am the most powerful. You can only win by consensus arrangement. So whatever consensus my party agrees to, I will agree. If they choose me, it’s good for them and for Nigeria. If you don’t choose me whoever they choose is what they plan to offer.

“And that dovetail to whether it is legal or not ethical to withdraw ahead of an exercise, yes. In every situation you make provision.

The supreme court repeatedly ruled that political parties are not parastatals of government. The way you regard Boys brigade, Girl’s guide, Rotary. They are associations and are regarded as voluntary associations. The only thing the Supreme Court has held repeatedly from Onuoha vs Okafor since 1983 all through the history of Supreme Court cases, they have been consistent that the party is supreme.

“The only condition is that the party must obey their guidelines. If we are in a rule-based society, understand that political parties make their own rules and if this is what they have said they want to do you may be guided on what they want you to do.”

Nwajiuba who decried the menace of money politics in the polity expressed optimism that he would triumph at the presidential primaries billed to hold at the end of the month.

He added: “I agree with you that we have a monetized politics. But I can assure you that we had a Buhari elected who didn’t have money but a few people of course some of us have been with him for more than 20 years, some people just discovered him, some changed their minds and then Nigerians came to different levels of realization but at the time we voted him we realize that there was a problem that needed to be fixed and that is what did.

“I am only presenting myself for you to choose. I am not saying I can buy you. I can’t be sponsored by the oil industry so the only people who can sponsor me are Nigerians. And this is why when they first said the form would be sold, we opened a platform where 3,180 of my supporters made the contribution.

“So I know that if Nigerians are willing and of course if my party selects me, in selecting me APC would be speaking to 90 percent of demographics of Nigeria. They would be speaking to the 70 percent who are below 50 years who believe that if it is possible to elect somebody who is 55 years old, there is hope for them.

“I am providing the most potent deliverables for Nigerians. If APC picks me they would be speaking to elders that I can capable of representing them. Almost all my supporters are above my age.”

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