Carly Pearce Shares the Mantra She Uses to Cope With Social Media Trolls  

Carly Pearce Shares the Mantra She Uses to Cope With Social Media Trolls


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Even “Bubbly” singer Colbie Caillat needs an uplifting mantra to keep herself grounded.

The two-time Grammy Award winner and her partner recently teamed up with singer-songwriter friends Nelly Joy and Jason Reeves to create the country group Gone West. The quartet recently released their debut single, “What Could’ve Been,” and they’re now touring across the country. With all the excitement and chaos of traveling and performing, it’s no surprise that both Joy and Caillat have unique go-to mantras for when life gets crazy.

For Joy, it’s all about staying positive through difficult times.

“My mantra is, ‘You hold the power to be positive,’” Joy tells Health. “My husband, Jason, is one of the most positive people in the world. But it’s something that I really struggle with. We’re like opposite ends of the spectrum. So he has really encouraged me to take on this mantra.”

Joy, who lives with endometriosis, relies on her mantra when the painful condition flares up.

“I tell myself over and over, just be positive, put a smile on my face, and say, ‘I feel great, I feel good,’ even when I don’t. And it’s actually interesting how [my mood] really can shift,” says Joy. “You know, I’ll start to feel a little better and get through it, and then hopefully fans will have a good experience, because that’s what it’s all about. We’re trying to bring light and good energy to other people.”

Caillat’s mantra helps her dial back anxiety when coping with stage fright and also helps her make good decisions.

“My mantra is, ‘Be calm, be still,” Caillat tells Health. She’s so committed to these words, she even has them tattooed on her arm. “I always get nervous on stage, and I get nervous talking to people,” she explains. “I’m an introvert, so it reminds me to just be calm, stay composed, and take deep breaths. Then the ‘be still’ part is to not make rash decisions and to just take your time with everything.”

Both Joy and Caillat shared an example of when their mantras came in handy: during one of their first shows, opening for singer-songwriter Sam Hunt.

“I wasn’t feeling well, and you were probably scared because it was our first arena show as a band,” Joy tells Caillat. We did so well. And I loved that we danced together, and I don’t feel like you were nervous at all, and I don’t feel like I felt sick at all. So we were positive, calm, still… boom.”

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