Woman Who Practiced Witchcraft as a Teen Says God Saved Her Life

Woman Who Practiced Witchcraft as a Teen Says God Saved Her Life

A woman who claimed she was once a real-life teenage witch says God saved her from a life marked by falsehoods.

“I really felt like I had … like opened up this key of something that I was meant to do, and identity is huge, especially when you’re a teenager,” she said. “I had an entire altar set up in my bedroom.”

Sumpolec, who considered herself a “good witch” and practiced so-called “white magic,” would often cast spells.

But after her dad, who had been using drugs, became confused and angry and allegedly pointed a gun at Sumpolec, everything came to a head.

“[It] shattered my trust in him,” she said. “I was lost … but because I had this altar in my room and the witchcraft stuff, I was like, ‘OK, you know, I’m gonna just dig down here.'”

Her deep dive into witchcraft, however, pushed her to try to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in her car.

“I think I was rescued. I honestly think I was rescued because I woke up. I don’t remember stopping my car. I don’t remember getting out of my car,” she said. “I literally woke up on the ground next to a tree. So I fully believe an angel got me out of that car.”

Sumpolec said she went to college and lived with Christians, who invited her to a Christian event on campus.

“I was searching. I wanted truth. I wanted things that were true, and I fully believed that what I had found in witchcraft was true,” she said. “So when I heard that sermon … I realized that … if this is true, then this was off. And maybe this is the truth that I’ve always been looking for.

“I should be dead. I would have been dead,” she said. “I was truly transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.”

Listen to her full testimony on “The Playing With Fire Podcast.”

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