Amnesty International wants justice for victims of Owo attack

Amnesty International wants justice for victims of Owo attack

Amnesty International has called on Nigerian authorities to launch an investigation to identify the perpetrators of the attack in Owo, Ondo State.

Unknown gunmen on Sunday entered St Francis catholic church in the town of Owo, Ondo state, and fired at worshippers, leaving about 50 people dead and many injured.

Amnesty International in a statement said the victims and their families must get justice and reparations.

“What happened Owo reveals the impunity enjoyed by gunmen on the rampage across Nigeria. This tragic event should offer a wake-up call for the authorities, who must now do everything they can to ensure the perpetrator of this appalling crime face justice,” Osai Ojigho, Amnesty International Nigeria Director said on Monday.

Ojigho said the Owo gruesome attack shows “a complete disregard for the right of life” and added that the Nigerian authorities have a duty to protect the life of its citizens in all circumstances.

She called upon judicial authorities to launch a fair investigation to bring the evil-doers of the St. Francis church massacre to book.

“Victims and their families have a right to know the truth about this shooting and to be provided with justice and reparations,” Ojigho said.

“Amnesty International is calling on Nigerian judicial authorities to immediately launch a thorough and impartial investigation to identify the perpetrators of this crime, and to prosecute and judge them in a fair trials, without recourse to the death penalty.”

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