“Stranger Things” S4 Set For Viewing Record

“Stranger Things” S4 Set For Viewing Record

Stranger Things S4 Set For Viewing Record

Netflix’s fourth season of its smash supernatural series “Stranger Things” is racing up the streamer’s all-time viewership charts.

After just ten days of release, the series sits at 621.80 million hours viewed – easily set to overtake the two seasons of “Bridgerton” which racked up 625M & 656M respectively over a much longer twenty-eight day period.

Once it does, it will become the most viewed English-language series on the platform, though even with all its momentum (and extra-long episodes) it’ll have a hard time catching the global juggernaut that was “Squid Game” at 1.65 billion hours viewed in that period.

Two more episodes, the latter of which is the feature-length finale, are scheduled to arrive on the streamer on July 1st. The show’s fifth and final season is already in the works and creators Matt and Ross Duffer recently confirmed to TV Line there’ll be a time jump to address its young cast’s current ages.

They also say the fifth season is already “pretty well mapped out” though the writing still hasn’t started yet because they’re still finishing those final two episodes of season four. That two-and-a-half-hour finale on its own reportedly contains more visual effects shots than the entire third season combined.

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