Step up your music promotion game – Epixode tells Dancehall artistes

Step up your music promotion game – Epixode tells Dancehall artistes

Dancehall artiste Epixode has criticised his colleagues in the dancehall genre fraternity for their minimal efforts in music promotion. He insists their unimpressive efforts account for losing out on awards meant for dancehall artistes.

He made these assertions on Yaad Settingz on Hitz 103.9 FM, on Sunday June 19, 2022. Epixode told host King Lagazee, “we need to blame ourselves as Reggae-Dancehall artistes, for not putting enough work [in song promotion].

His comments come on the back of King Lagazee’s quest to find answers to why non-dancehall artistes such as Kidi would win the Dancehall Song of the Year with his hit single ‘Touch It’ at the recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, over Dancehall artistes. Epixode mentioned in plain words, “we should blame ourselves for not promoting our songs well’.

According to Epixode, it is only fair to award songs and artistes who deserve them. He explained that non-reggae dancehall artistes put in extra work, coupling it with little bits of dancehall patterns and melodies to ensure the success they attain. He further explained, “they are able to promote the song, project it into different spaces, where people get to love it. You can’t deny the fact that ‘Touch It’ was one of the biggest songs”.

Epixode is obviously entreating Reggae-Dancehall artistes to do more in exploring music promotion avenues to better place them in winning ways, with regards to awards in their respective genres.

His latest single ATIA, which is gradually finding its way into the hearts of reggae lovers, is available on streaming platforms.

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