The Botticelli Bob Is About to Become the Hairstyle of the Summer

The Botticelli Bob Is About to Become the Hairstyle of the Summer

Depending on the desired volume and your hair’s thickness, you can create the look with two or three braids (the more braids, the more waves, the more structure). If braids aren’t your forte, Cole suggests a two-strand version. “For a two-strand braid, hold two sections of hair in your hands and twist the strands and wrap them around each other,” he explains. In the morning, unravel the braids and gently finger comb through the strands. 

Cole recommends starting off your hair’s nighttime routine with products that help with damage repair, like the Sebastian Professional No. Breaker, as well as something like the Sebastian Professional Potion 9 for moisture. “When you apply products the night before and then braid the hair, your hair has the whole night to soak up the benefits,” Cole says. “This all helps retain the style the next day. Once you add the moisture in and lock it in, it will remain in your hair until you wash it again.”

And if you accidentally miss the nighttime prep and aren’t against heat styling, there’s a last-minute alternative to get the look: Simply complete the first steps, spray the braids with a thermal protectant, then heat them with a hair dryer or flat iron. Allow the braids to cool before separating.

There’s also no need to fret about summertime humidity ruining the durability of the ‘do. Surprisingly, Cole says the heat works in our favor. “It’s especially great for summer because the heat and moisture work with the style and enhance the look, so you are working with the weather instead of against it,” says Cole. 

Next-day hair isn’t a barrier for this style, either. If you’re looking to amplify the look throughout the week, Cole suggests adding more styling product like the Sebastian Professional Potion 9 and layering in a light mousse. “This layering technique will lock in moisture, give control, and add smoothness and elasticity,” he says. “Then, put the same braids back in before bed, and wake up to even more texture and body for the next day.”

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