Date A Live Season 4 Ep 13, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Date A Live Season 4 Ep 13, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

In episode 12 of Date A Live season 4, it was revealed Kurumi that had relived the past few days over 204 times, in order to save Shido. Zafkiel, Kurumi’s Angel, has a sixth bullet sealed inside him known as Vav.

This bullet sends the consciousness of the target into the body of the target’s past self.

The bullet was sealed because after saving Kurumi from Kotori with a kiss from Shido, she gave the bullet to Kurumi as a thank you.

Kurumi doesn’t realize how deeply in love she is with Shido until she has tried so many times to save him.

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Episode 13 Speculations

In episode 13 of Date A Live IV, we might be able to witness  Kurumi saving Shido from certain death by having his body snagged in the time loop.

The backlash will arrive soon, and that means Shido must save the spirit. Adding insult to injury, the Westcott will be coming at them full force.

Based on what was written in the light novel, this was all speculation. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Episode 13 Release Date

Episode 13 of Date A Live will be released as a part of season 5. The fifth season has been announced but the release date isn’t confirmed yet.

1. Is Date A Live on Break This Week?

Episode 13 of Date A Live IV is on a break till the anime’s fifth season premieres.

Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12 of Date A Live IV is titled “Cycle of Salvation”. In this episode, Kurumi was seen as apologizing to Shido. The only thing that matters to Kurumi is going back in time and destroying the Spirit of Origin, and maybe that will save everyone and create a better timeline.

Kurumi has no illusions she’s a good person, or that she’s not damned for all the people she’s killed and how much she’s sinned but that’s all that matters.

Date A Live Season 4 Ep 13, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Kurumi Tokisaki | Source: Fandom

If this requires Shido’s Spirit Power, she is willing to pay the price. She gave up her body and everything else to him at the expense of her Spirit Power.

Nibeelcole stepped in and ruined things just when they were getting better. Kurumi manages to repel her. Nibeelcole and Ellen then engage in a pissing contest. They are as if the daughter and wife are vying for Westcott’s attention.

Kurumi is willing to tell Shido what’s been happening, that Shido has been killed multiple times and Kurumi has used her power to turn back the hands of time in order to save him. Ellen’s beheading of Shido was pretty graphic.

My curiosity was piqued because I wanted to see what the Yamai Twins’ inverse looks like. I guess it was the purple tornado.

If there were any doubts about the extent of Kurumi’s feelings for him, beyond her consumption of his clones, her grief over his death and the fact that she kissed his corpse should indicate that she felt more for him than just seeing him as a meal to change time.

The fact Shido had already partially sealed her power at that point and her clones were more than willing to sacrifice themselves for him suggests that Shido had already partially sealed the power.

Before Chuuni Kurumi woke up and shot herself, she was about to reveal Kurumi’s love for Shido and the details of their game.

It ends with her walking away naked like she’s no big deal. When Kurumi engaged herself in an internal dialogue about Shido and how much she wanted him to pay attention to her, she was quite the sight.

Date A Live Season 4 Ep 13, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Kurumi Tokisaki | Source: Fandom

While on Kurumi’s doorstep, Phantom reveals that she is Reine and gets shot and falls down. However, it’s not too surprising given all the clues that have been provided up to this point, but it’s very bizarre to see Kurumi consume Reine and then suddenly appear at the Fraxinus as if nothing happened.

Is it true that we have two Reines? Does she have the ability to clone herself like Kurumi?

Luckily, Date A Live V will reveal all these mysteries and more so check back soon.

About Date A Live

Date A Live is a light novel series by Tachibana Koshi(writer) and Tsunako (illustrator). Since its debut in 2011, it has received several manga and anime adaptations.

Girls known as spirits are the cause of spatial earthquakes in a dystopian future. Shido discovers that the only way to seal such spirits is to make them fall in love with him and kiss him. Shido has to seal as many spirits as he can to save the world.

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