Sony Warned About Marvel Works By Feige?

Sony Warned About Marvel Works By Feige?

Morbius Cameo Spoiled By Director
Sony Pictures

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige reportedly warned Sony Pictures about trying to build its own mini-Marvel universe too quickly according to a new report by The Ankler’s Jeff Sneider (via

The story indicates Feige still offers notes on the films like “Venom” and “Morbius” which are all part of the universe formerly known as the wonderful acronym S.P.U.M.C. (Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters).

They say: “One insider credits Feige for guiding Sony’s approach and warning the studio not to get too ahead of itself in terms of building some larger universe in the vein of the Avengers movies.”

Since 2015, Sony and Marvel Studios have collaborated and delivered the Tom Holland-led Spider-Man films along with the acclaimed animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse”.

While those collaborations have been critical and box-office success stories, Sony’s other Marvel fare has been widely panned even if they’ve turned out fairly profitable (until “Morbius”).

Sony is in the midst of prepping “Kraven the Hunter” and “Madame Web” films along with two more Spider-Verse movies.

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