Absence of project planning hindering artistes’ career growth, says Akinboye

Absence of  project planning hindering artistes’ career growth, says Akinboye

The founder of a gospel music review blog, Believers Companion, Akinpelumi Akinboye, has said lack of project planning is one of the obstacles preventing gospel artistes in Nigeria from attaining the level of success they desire.

Akinpelumi, who won the best gospel blog of the year award at the CLIMA 2021, stressed that most gospel musicians in the country do not understand or treat their brand as a business.

While narrating his six years of journey of promoting gospel musicians in Nigeria, he said: “I can confidently say that most of them fail to plan their projects and this is the reason so many of them do not live up to expectation.

“They fail to do proper planning because they do not see their brand as a business and this is why they invest so little in promotions and branding.

“A gospel musician once called my office to inquire about the upload of her song on our platform. We upload songs for free, but we charge a fee for promotion. When I asked her what she had allocated a budget for promotion, she said the God that sent her would announce her in His own time.

“Another musician called to inquire about the upload and promotion of her song, although she had a budget set aside for promotions, the problem was that she wants the song uploaded and promoted immediately because it is her birthday, and the song is a way of thanking God.

“When we researched her previous projects, we found out that she had released two songs in the past and they were both released on her birthday,” he said.

He said a project without strategic planning and budget can never live up to its potential no matter how anointed a gospel artist is.

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