How to get Sweet Gem Berries in Stardew Valley

How to get Sweet Gem Berries in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is home to many rare and exotic crops that are not easy to obtain. One of these crops is the Sweet Gem Berries, a high-value commodity acquirable only through a few specific methods in the game. If you are on a hunt for Sweet Gem Berry but are unable to do so, refer to the guide below.

Easiest way to obtain Sweet Gem Berries in Stardew Valley

The most convenient way of obtaining Sweet Gem Berries in Stardew Valley is by cultivating them through Rare Seeds. You can buy Rare Seed from the Traveling Merchant for 1,000g in Summer or from between 600 – 1,000g in any other season. Alternatively, you can reproduce a Rare Seed from a Sweet Gem Berry using a Seed Maker. For anyone unaware, a Seed Maker is a piece of equipment capable of reproducing a seed from a harvested crop. Once you obtain the Rare Seed, it will take 24 days to grow Sweet Gem Berry.

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It’s worth noting that Sweet Gem Berry is not considered to be Fruit or a Vegetable; hence, you cannot use them in a Keg or Preserve Jar. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter where your Farming Skill is, as it won’t affect the quality of Sweet Gem Berry yielded.

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Harvesting a Sweet Gem Berry gives 64 XP, and you can sell it for 3,000g. It is inedible and hence doesn’t have any healing effect, so there’s no point in holding onto them. You can also exchange a Sweet Gem Berry for a Stardrop at the Old Master Cannoli statue in the Secret Woods. However, this can only be done once.

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