Brits urged to brace for hottest day ever as temperature could go into 40s

Brits urged to brace for hottest day ever as temperature could go into 40s

Temperatures across the UK are set to soar over the coming weeks, with forecasters predicting record-breaking heat is on the way.

Summer is already well underway, and the recent warm weather looks set to stay with temperatures in the low 30s predicted.

Weather experts have even warned that the hottest day ever could be on the way, with highs of up to 43C expected in certain parts of the country.

This would beat the UK’s current record of 38.7C, which was measured at Cambridge Botanic Garden in July 2019, but forecasting models predicting extreme heat are outliers, according to meteorologists.

An African heatwave will hit Britain this August

Temperatures are set to soar over the coming weeks

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Steven Keates, a Met Office forecaster, said: “We’re in for a real rollercoaster which may take people by surprise.

“Next weekend we could have some really exceptional record-breaking heat and it will ramp up suddenly — like someone has turned on the gas. Some models from America indicate we could see 43C in East Anglia next Sunday, which would obliterate the current UK record.

“At the moment we’ve got quite pleasant dry heat, but next weekend the dew point will rise and it will become very hot and sticky.”

However, his colleague Dan Stroud explained that while temperatures will rise over the coming days, this extreme heat is still ‘unlikely’.

“At the moment, we’re expecting temperatures to rise again towards the end of next week and over the course of next weekend.

“Across England and Wales, it could be in excess of 32C, but there is an area of East Anglia, London, maybe running into Hampshire and Wiltshire, where we possibly will see temperatures in excess of 35C,” Dan said.

Warm air will arrive in the second half of May from the South of France and Italy

Experts have warned that highs of 43C could be round the corner

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Outlining his predictions, he continued: “At the moment, there’s probably a 30 per cent chance of new UK temperature record, but we’re five to seven days away, so nothing is certain yet.”

Meanwhile, Brian Gaze of The Weather Outlook has reviewed model that predict temperatures in the 40s are on the way, and he believes the odds are “quite low”.

He told The Sun: “Based on the current model projections, my view is that temperatures are most likely to peak in the mid 30Cs, so it would be the hottest spell of the summer so far.

“However, there is a very significant chance, probably about 35 per cent, of a new UK record. The odds of reaching 40C are still quite low, but a surprising number of computer model runs have been suggesting it.

“In my opinion, the chance of it happening on July 17th or 18th is close to 15 per cent.”

The UK could be set for a record-breaking month with temperatures set to hit the high 20Cs

Brits could be set to experience record-breaking heat

Director of, Sara Thonton, appears to agree that these extreme temperatures are unlikely, and said: “We’re likely to hit the low to mid-30s Celsius across some southern and central parts of the UK, and there’s a small chance we could go even higher.

“The peak of the heat is likely some time between Saturday and Monday. Such extreme values would threaten to break the all-time UK record of 38.7C. But it’s still some way off.”

“A lot of pieces of the ‘atmospheric jigsaw’ still need to fall into place for this to come off,” she added.


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