Goldblum Replaces Grant As Zeus In “Kaos”

Goldblum Replaces Grant As Zeus In “Kaos”

Goldblum Replaces Grant As Zeus In Kaos

Jeff Goldblum will replace Hugh Grant as Zeus in the upcoming Netflix darkly comedic Greek mythology reimagining series “Kaos”. Grant had to exit due to scheduling issues.

Set in contemporary times, Goldblum will portray the seemingly all-powerful, yet desperately insecure and vengeful King of The Gods who wakes up one morning and discovers wrinkles. Neurosis sets in, setting him off on a dangerous, paranoid path as he’s convinced his fall is coming.

His once-reliable brother, Hades (David Thewlis) is secretly losing his grip on the underworld as the backlog of dead piles up. Hera (Janet McTeer), Queen of the Gods, finds Zeus’ growing paranoia forcing her to act.

Zeus’ rebellious son, Dionysus, (Nabhaan Rizwan), is out of control and on course for a cosmic collision with his father. Meanwhile, Poseidon (Cliff Curtis) is more concerned with the size of his super-yacht and where the next party is at.

There are several mortals who come into play as well including Riddy (Aurora Perrineau), Orpheus (Killian Scott), Caneus (Misia Butler) and Ari (Leila Farzad).

Billie Piper, Rakie Ayola and Stanley Townsend also have roles in the eight-episode series which hails from Charlie Covell. Georgi Banks-Davies and Runyararo Mapfumo direct and filming will begin later this summer.

Source: Deadline

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