Lizzo Gets Candid About Her Bae And New Album, ‘Special’

Lizzo Gets Candid About Her Bae And New Album, ‘Special’

In a recent interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club.” Lizzo reveals what inspired the track “Break Up Twice” on her new album, Special.



The pop star made it clear that when it comes to her friends they do not play about her. 

During an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” the “About Damn Time” singer revealed how her friends checked her boo Myke Wright for messing up in the beginning of their relationship, to the point where she had to write about it.

“You tell your girlfriends shit that goes down,so they always know. At this particular BBQ we got a little drunk and I saw her in the corner like if you fuck with her I’mma slash your motherf** tires  and I was like oh my god but I was also like damn that’s real love.” 

Lizzo went on to explain all the songs she writes about are “things that happen” to her, calling herself the “Black Taylor Swift.”  

During the time of the BBQ, Lizzo and Myke were in the process of getting back together. Her friends looking out for her clearly paid off, since their relationship is still going strong.  

“You know what she didn’t slash them tires though because he’s been right ever since!” 

Earlier this year, Lizzo sent fans into a frenzy after she was spotted celebrating her birthday with a mystery man. The world was asking, “Who is Myke Wright?” 

“Mr. Lizzo” is a Detroit native who followed his dreams, moving to Los Angeles to begin performing stand-up comedy in 2012. You may recognize Wright from a movie or two, starring in films like “Doubting Thomas” following an appearance in the comedy series “How To Be A Grown Up” in 2014. 

Myke is a man of many roles outside of his acting career.  His work as a comedian led him to work on various television shows and films with MTV, FOX, NBC, VH1, Warner Bros, and truTV.  He’s also a musical artist, dropping his latest projects “Kandia” and “Iman Utopia” in 2020.

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