Avoid travelling in heatwave, warns Network Rail

Avoid travelling in heatwave, warns Network Rail

Network Rail has warned that passengers in England and Wales should travel only if necessary during next week’s scorching heatwave.

A red extreme heat warning has been issued by the Met Office for Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures in London forecast to climb above 40C on Monday – potentially the hottest day on record.

People who do travel are advised to wear cool clothes, take handheld fans and ensure they have plenty of water.

Network Rail said speed restrictions would be introduced across the country, to ensure the safe running of trains.

Network Rail’s Jake Kelly told the BBC journeys would take “significantly longer” and delays were likely.”

The impact on train services will vary by region, but Kelly revealed journeys will take significantly longer and that there is a high likelihood of cancellations, delays and last-minute alterations.

There was the growing possibility steel rails could buckle, with the metal typically 20 degrees hotter than the surrounding temperature.

This latest disruption to train travel comes as rail unions announced more strikes in July and August – following a week of industrial action last month.

Workers at Network Rail and 14 train operators are to strike for two days in August in a dispute over jobs, pay and conditions, the RMT union confirmed.

Its workers will also hold strikes on the 27 July.

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