How to farm adhesive in Fallout 76

How to farm adhesive in Fallout 76

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Adhesive is one of the more commonly used materials in Fallout 76 if you are someone who likes to craft their own weapons and armor. Pretty much every weapon and armor piece requires adhesive when you craft or repair it. This makes adhesive one of the most demanded materials in the game. Unfortunately, this material isn’t easy to find, but there are some areas where you can get a lot of it. Time to farm.

Items that give adhesive

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There are a ton of junk items that you will find throughout the world of Fallout 76 but not all of them will give you the adhesive you need. Before going off on a farming spree, you will need to know what items to be on the lookout for. The following items will give you adhesive when scrapped. The number next to the item is the amount of adhesive you will get.

  • Digested Goo – 4
  • Duct Tape – 1
  • Economy Wonderglue – 5
  • Excess Adhesive – 1
  • Handmade Glue – 3
  • Military Grade Duct Tape – 4
  • Pack of Duct Tape – 4
  • Sealed Wonderglue – 4
  • Vegetable Starch – 2
  • Wonderglue – 2
  • Bulk Adhesive – 10

Each of these items can be found throughout the world in various locations. Bulk Adhesive is commonly found being sold by train station vendors.

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How to farm adhesive

If you are a player with a green thumb who likes to grow your own crops, you might try to make your own adhesive. The recipe for Vegetable Starch is one that your character knows immediately and can be crafted using only a few items. You will need the following to craft Vegetable Starch:

  • Corn – 2
  • Mutfruit – 2
  • Tato – 2
  • Purified Water – 1

If you equip the Super Duper perk card when crafting Vegetable Starch, you can easily get a lot of it as long as you grab up the required vegetables in bulk.

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Outside of farming/crafting, you can find adhesive out in the wild by killing Gulpers and Honey Beasts. Gulpers can commonly be found at Gulper Lagoon. If you want a large number of them, you can also complete the Moonshine Jamboree public event. For more adhesive, you can equip the Green Thumb perk card and farm Giant Pitcher Plants to the east of Big Bend Tunnel. These plants will get you Digested Goo which can be scrapped to get adhesive.

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