Under the Theme ‘Impact On Humanity’ – Masar Destination: A Strategic Partner of Future Investment Initiative Institute

Under the Theme ‘Impact On Humanity’ – Masar Destination: A Strategic Partner of Future Investment Initiative Institute

Production of Battista, the world’s first pure-electric hyper GT, has begun in a dedicated new atelier space in Cambiano, Italy. Located in the Piemonte region of Italy, this milestone represents an exciting chapter in the development story of new Italian luxury carmaker Automobili Pininfarina.

The award-winning Battista is now being handcrafted by a team of artisans in the bespoke 2,300-square-meter facility, with no more than 150 to be created over its lifecycle. Owners of Battista can look forward to world-class customer service through 25 experienced luxury partners in the Automobili Pininfarina global retailer network, as well as its own team of client relations specialists.

Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, said: “I am proud to lead the team responsible for bringing the award-winning Battista to life as a production car. Since launching Automobili Pininfarina in Rome in 2018, we have developed a team of 118 experts, drawn from 20 nations worldwide. This diverse ‘family’ is now established in both our Munich headquarters and in our northern Italy home where a growing team of designers, engineers and vehicle development specialists envision ground-breaking vehicles of the future.”

The Battista Atelier is split into 14 production and quality assurance zones. Using modern technologies — such as multiple new, bespoke mounting rigs across the atelier — and more traditional processes and tools, such as highly accurate pneumatic screwdrivers recommissioned for detailed fittings for Battista, the construction process respects the facility’s coachbuilding heritage.

From start to finish, assembly of each Battista takes 10 weeks, while the hand-painted finish of the Battista Anniversario requires an extended 18-week schedule. Each individual Battista is assembled by 10 craftspeople, taking more than 1,250 hours.

The Battista’s rolling chassis, comprising electric powertrain, T-shaped battery, carbonfiber monocoque and all electrical systems, enters the first zone for evaluation against Automobili Pininfarina’s strict quality standards.

The Battista begins to take shape as the primed body-in-white is then bonded with the monocoque. With its “Goccia” roof enclosing the cabin, the Battista gains structural strength and rigidity. The body is then dismounted from the chassis in preparation to move to a dedicated paint facility.

The standard paint cycle takes three to four weeks, using a new paint compound with a multi-layer metallic finish, in one of 28 colors inspired by the Piemonte region of Italy — the heartland of Automobili Pininfarina.

In the fifth zone, 80 percent of the vehicle is assembled, taking two days.

The first end-of-line checks and commissions are undertaken next, with bespoke software and tooling used to check all standards are being met with the vehicle.

Visiting the Battista Atelier gives each owner the opportunity to meet the team behind the vehicle, work in partnership to tailor the design of their car and see it being built as part of an unparalleled commissioning and ownership experience.

Clients are taken through an in-depth consultation process to configure their Battista. A bespoke design proposal is created for each client before they are invited to Cambiano to work face-to-face with the designers, where they then refine their final specification.

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