MLB Fans Sound off on Nick Castellanos and Phillies Reporter’s Heated Exchange

MLB Fans Sound off on Nick Castellanos and Phillies Reporter’s Heated Exchange

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There was mixed reaction on social media after Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Nick Castellanos lost his cool with a reporter following Saturday’s game.

After NBC Sports’ Jim Salisbury asked whether he could hear the boos from the crowd, Castellanos called it a “stupid question.”

Jamie Apody @JamieApody

Things got a bit contentious in the #Phillies clubhouse tonight during and after Nick Castellanos’ media availability and our @6abc cameras were there. Thoughts on this exchange?

While some defended the veteran reporter, others sided with Castellanos:

Ben Ross @BenRossTweets

1. Castellanos is right – it was a stupid question.
2. Under no circumstances should a reporter get aggressive like that with a player.

John Stolnis @JohnStolnis

Nick Castellanos doing all he can to cement himself as an all time free agent bust, picks a fight with Jim Salisbury, one of the best there is. Sound strategy, Nick.

Mark Ortega @MarkEOrtega

Castellanos is totally fine to respond that way and the writer is the one in the wrong by getting combative when told it was a stupid question

Christopher Crawford @Crawford_MILB

Castellanos could have handled the question better, but I’m curious what “good” comes from a question like that.

Mike Sielski @MikeSielski

would or should do is back down. Jim is there to do a job, & the fact that Castellanos would ask the reporters there, “Can anybody else answer that for him?” shows he doesn’t understand what that job is. Jim & most of the media aren’t there to be David Puddy. They’re not there…

Patrick Creighton @PCreighton1

It’s poor form. Reporter is clearly trying to bait Castellanos. Nick gives him a funny answer but then he continues pressing exact same question.
Players shouldn’t have to keep giving the “yeah it’s tough but I need to be better” type crap. Have some respect for the players.

Jon Johnson @jonjohnsonwip

Going out on a limb, & guessing Nick Castellanos won’t be in philly for the length of his contract.

Castellanos signed with Philadelphia this past offseason on a five-year, $100 million deal, but he has fallen well short of expectations through the first half of 2022.

The 30-year-old entered Sunday with a .245 average and eight home runs in 93 games. His. .657 OPS is well short of last year’s mark of .939 when he earned an All-Star selection and some MVP votes.

It seems the frustration is starting to boil over for the player, media and fans.

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