Why pink and blue ribbons are worn in Love Island’s 2022 baby challenge

Why pink and blue ribbons are worn in Love Island’s 2022 baby challenge

Love Island is almost at an end for 2022 and in the final days before this year’s winners are announced, there have been plenty of much awaited moments including a memorable talent show that caused plenty of laughs.

On Wednesday night the baby challenge episode finally aired and it came with plenty of memorable moments including doting dad Davide giving his daughter a rather interesting makeover.

While elsewhere, dad Dami left fans in hysterics as he kept naming his and Indiyah’s daughter after bombshells.

During the episode, both the baby and their doting parents are wearing ribbons in either pink or blue hues.

Davide with his and Ekin-Su's baby

Love Island’s baby challenge episode aired recently and Davide was a doting dad

The ribbons act as a monitor for the Love Island parents-in-practice.

The premise of the challenge is simple, each couple is given a realistic baby doll to look after for an entire day to test their parenting skills and to give viewers many moments of laughter.

They have to feed and comfort their babies, as well as change their (fake) nappies.

The ribbons then act much like a baby monitor and they detect the Islander’s proximity to their baby.

Back in 2020 during Winter Love Island, the stars all donned bright red ribbons around their wrists.

Ekin and the islanders have to take care of screaming babies

The babies and their parents have to wear ribbons during the challenge

Among Dami's name suggestions were two Yoruba names and a nod to a former bombshell

The ribbons are used to detect the Islander’s proximity to their tots

The episode aired on February 17, 2020, only a matter of days after Love Island’s former presenter, Caroline Flack, took her own life and many fans thought the change in colour was a tribute to the host.

This year’s challenge saw some parents struggle a little and some of the Islanders unexpectedly excel, including Davide, who happily embraced his new role as a doting dad.

In adorable scenes, the Italian contestant shared his baby duties with partner Ekin-Su as he took their baby everywhere, including to the gym to get his daily exercise in.

Love Island 's Paige Thorne left viewers baffled on Wednesday night's episode over her unusual choice of name for her villa baby with Adam Collard

Elsewhere Paige left viewers baffled over her unusual choice of name for her villa baby with Adam

Updating Ekin-Su on his day with the little one, after she and the other girls had been given a night out, Davide told her: “It’s going well, she just ate, we’ll do some activities later today. We’ll do some gym squats later with the baby.”

While elsewhere Adam and Paige had an interesting name of choice for their baby.

Deciding what their baby should be called, Adam said: “As he calms himself down, I think we both know what the baby name is…”

To which Paige responded: “Sage! Yeah, it’s not up for discussion. I’m glad you’re on board!”

With Adam joking: “Yeah… if he gets bullied in school, it’s on you!”

Paige explained: “I just like the name Sage, it rhymes with Paige and yeah, it wasn’t up for discussion really, was it?”


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