Assassin’s Creed 12 Trials questions guide – Every 15th Anniversary Celebration question answered (updated weekly)

Assassin’s Creed 12 Trials questions guide – Every 15th Anniversary Celebration question answered (updated weekly)


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(Update August 1): The questions for Week 7 have been revealed, and they’re all about Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Scroll down to the bottom of this guide to find the answers if you’ve already completed Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The 12 Trials for Assassin’s Creed is a series of questions only hardcore fans of the series will be able to answer. Each week, a new set of questions is presented, and fans must use their extensive knowledge to solve each and progress. This guide explains the answers to these questions, just in case, you can’t think of them for yourself.

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How to play the 12 Trials

Anyone can answer the questions in the 12 Trials by visiting the official website. However, only those who log in with their Ubisoft Connect ID can see their score and receive rewards. We recommend doing this so that you benefit from the effort you put in. You’ll get the option to take part in giveaways and view the leaderboard after every set of questions. The final rewards will be given at the end of the twelve-week period.

What are the answers to the 12 Trials of Assassin’s Creed?

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The following list contains the answers for every question in the 12 Trials as they appear weekly. The Trials take place over twelve weeks, so if you don’t see the answer for every week below, it’s likely that some questions still haven’t been published by Ubisoft yet.

Week 1 – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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  1. A brutal attack leaves young Eivor with vicious injuries and a title. Reveal the beast they defeated at the lake. – Wolf
  2. You stumble upon a chest, and feel it could open if you enter Eivor’s year of birth date, which is: – 847
  3. Identify the Stealth Adrenaline skill in the Skill Tree to become an even deadlier assassin. – This answer requires you to move a small image around to find the Stealth Adrenaline skill. It’s the right-most node, so scroll over to the right and select it.
  4. Identify the reliable ally that has accompanied Eivor ever since their journey began. – Select the image on the right.
  5. Find two God favors with the lowest priority number to best your opponent and emerge victorious. – Thrymr’s Theft (top-right) and Var’s Bond (bottom-left).
  6. One of these Gods are not like the others. Prove your loyalty to the Norse Gods and find the imposter. – Hades
  7. At last! Excalibur is in your hands. Upon closer inspection, you notice the pattern on the child matches… – The image on the left with circles that have crosses inside of them.
  8. Synin was the Raven that accompanied Eivor throughout their saga. The name itself is derived from Syn, which means: – Vision
  9. You reminisce about the Order and the moment their leader was found. The music you heard then was: – Ragnarok – Twilight of the Gods
  10. After crossing the North Sea, Eivor sets foot in Ravensthorpe. The first building you decide to build here is: – Gunnar’s Forge, the building underneath the huge tree in the image. You can draw a line diagonally down and left from the tree to Gunnar’s Forge, which is by the main path and close to the primary entrance to Ravensthorpe from the docks.

Week 2 – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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  1. Before heading into battle, King Leonidas asks Dienekes if he ever did this activity with his son. What was it? – Fishing.
  2. The Spear of Leonidas. A mighty weapon broken by the King of Leonidas in which battle? – The Battle of Thermopylae.
  3. One of these mythical creatures asks deadly riddles. Choose correctly and live to tell the tale. – The Sphinx.
  4. The Adrestria set sail under several different flags. You recall that just before Kassandra, it was commanded by… – The cyclops of Kephallonia.
  5. An artifact unlike any other from Greece has appeared. Find it to claim it as your own. – The pyramid object on the bottom row.
  6. You look down at the map of Greece, and recall the lost city of Atlantis. Now, where was it… – Scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner of the image. There’s a long island here. Atlantis is the largest of the islands directly above this long island, on the left-hand side.
  7. A memorable piece of music which is heard during the iconic moment when – Kassandra finds her mother.
  8. The Legendary Amazon Armor set is finally complete. Select the piece that gives the wearer +25% critical damage. – Select the headpiece on Kassandra, the band around her head.
  9. Identify one of the worshippers of the Bloodline to successfully infiltrate the Cult of Kosmos. – Select the face on the branch that’s directly to the right of the central image.
  10. A fateful meeting between Kassandra and Layla that took place in Atlantis. Upon meeting, Kassandra became old because… – She handed over the staff of Hermes.

Week 3: Assassin’s Creed Origins

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  1. At the Bent pyramid, Bayek assassinates his first target, also known as: Rudjek.
  2. Wander through the desert for too long, and hallucinations begin to appear. What are they caused by? Overheating.
  3. Caesar has been assassinated. To aid herself in this civil war, Cleopatra allies herself with a trusted friend, who is: Mark Antony.
  4. No matter the era, the shape of the Assassin’s insignia has always remained the same. Which bird was it based on? Eagle.
  5. A tradition that originates from when Bayek lost his finger. Choose the finger that gets cut to pledge your loyalty as an Assassin: The ring finger, fourth from the top.
  6. Ra’s Mercy, a Phylakes that patrolled the Faiyum Oasis. Which of these weapons belonged to him? The Storm Blades
  7. Bayek tattoos his target’s acronyms on his arm. Which of these are not his target? The Vulture.
  8. The origins of the brotherhood began with the Hidden Ones, which was founded in…(BCE): 47.
  9. An ancient mechanism that Bayek discovers is hidden within one of these pyramids. Select the correct one to activate it. The pyramid on the right, Tomb of Khufu.
  10. Aya casts her old life aside to become Amunet, a true Assassin. You recall Amunet had also appeared in a previous title, which was: Assassin’s Creed 2, the icon in the top-left.

Week 4: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

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  1. At Ferris Ironworks in Croydon, who gives Evie and Jacob Frye their first mission as assassins?: George Westhouse.
  2. Carriages were not only used for travel. One of its greatest features was that it could: Hide bodies.
  3. The Rooks, a London gang that fights against the Blighters. At one point, the color of their clothing changes from green to black, as they are led by… Jack the Ripper.
  4. Jayadeep Mir, the last Assassin in London. More commonly known as Sir Henry Green, or as Jacob Frye calls him… Greenie.
  5. Darwin’s path crossed several times with the Frye twins, as he fought to prove his theories of: Evolution.
  6. Brass knuckles are synonymous with Jacob Frye. Choose the Slynky’s Fist so he can fight off enemies: The spiked ones on the bottom row, second from the left.
  7. A hideout that is always on the move. Locate it on the map successfully to board the train: Click on the train icon on the left-hand side of the image. You’ll need to scroll over slightly to find it.
  8. The Frye twins had different intentions when they went to London. Evie’s was to find a Piece of Eden, which was: Shroud of Eden 2.
  9. Charles Dickens, one of the greatest novelists of Victorian times. Enter the year he first met the Frye twins: 1868.
  10. As the Assassins fight to recover the Shroud of Eden, which track is playing in the background?: Underground.

Week 5: Assassin’s Creed Unity

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  1. Whilst waiting for his father, a young Arno chases down a girl at the Palace of Versailles. what does she dare him to steal?: An apple.
  2. At the start of the revolution, Parisian citizens storm and capture Bastille prison. who does Arno escape with?: Pierre Bellec.
  3. Arno protects Théroigne de Méricourt and other women during the Women’s March in Versailles. Which day did it take place?: October 5.
  4. During the French Revolution, many were sentenced to death by guillotine. Select the person that did not meet this fate: Jean-Paul Marrat.
  5. Improve your stealth and choose the skill that reduces damage and helps you recover faster when you fall: Roll recovery, the icon of a foot on the bottom row.
  6. An iconic moment which marks the end of the Revolution. Who is responsible for abolishing the Directory: Napoleon.
  7. After acquiring the Apple of Eden #1, where on his person did Napoleon hide it?: Click on the hand Napoleon has hidden inside his clothes. That’s where the Apple is held.
  8. Deposit the correct amount of livres to upgrade the entirety of the Café Theatre: 22,500 F.
  9. A song that is reminiscent of and pays homage to which track in the Assassin’s Creed franchise?: Ezio’s Family.
  10. Locate the Café de la Bièvre in order to fund your next mission: Look south of the Seine, the large river in the center of Paris. Find the small islands on the right-hand side of the map, then look on the south side of the river for a location called Faubo, close to Urg Victor. The location you need to mark is left of Faubo. Follow the road on the world’s left-hand side up to the left until it reaches a junction with three other roads, making it look like a crossing between five separate roads. Click there and confirm to get the right answer.

Week 6: Assassin’s Creed Rogue

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  1. Shay Cormac arrives back at camp to find they’ve been attacked by the British navy, and gets into a fight with: Louis-Joseph Gauthier
  2. An earthquake is triggered when the Piece of Eden is retrieved from a convent. Where does this tragedy take place?: Lisbon
  3. The Seven Years’ War, a global conflict primarily between Great Britain and France. How many continents did it take place in: 5
  4. At Versailles, Shay kills Charles Dorian to retrieve a Piece of Eden. The artifact itself was: The Precursor Box
  5. Sleepy Hollow is home to something sinister at night. Find the location of the headless horseman to end his reign of terror: Select the church and graveyard on the left-hand side of the image.
  6. A weapon that makes its first appearance in Rogue. Select the compression cylinder to fully utilize the air rifle: Select the point in the top-middle of the rifle.
  7. Select the Morrigan’s original wheel to set sail in Shay Cormac’s iconic shop once more: Select the third image along on the bottom row. The wheel with a light-bluish trim.
  8. Shay’s Templar outfit was adorned with many symbols. Find the Celtic knot to complete his initiation into the Templars: Select the red strap with detailing on across Shay’s shoulder.
  9. The Morrigan sank many ships during the Seven Years’ War. Identify the vessel it did not manage to sink: The Experto Crede
  10. After helping Benjamin Franklin recover the lost pages of his Almanac, you recall the publication itself ran for how many years?: 26

Week 7: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

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  1. Edward leaves Caroline to pursue his dreams of becoming a privateer. How many years at most does he tell her he’d be gone for? 2 years.
  2. Choose the ship formerly known as El Dorado, captained by Edward during the Golden Age of Piracy: Jackdaw.
  3. Edward Thatch, an iconic pirate more commonly known as Blackbeard. The ship he commandeered was called: Queen Anne’s Revenge.
  4. Sea shanties are the perfect way to pass time when you’re out at sea. The shanty that’s playing here is called… Fish in the Sea.
  5. The Republic of Pirates, an anarchic proto-state founded by Edward Thatch, James Kidd, and: Benjamin Hornigold.
  6. Find where the Elite Fire Barrel Strength is located to freely roam the seas aboard the Jackdaw: Select the area behind the wheel at the back of the ship.
  7. The third Golden Age of piracy began when the final Treaty of Utrecht that ended the war was signed. Which year did this take place? 1715.
  8. You come across an old map detailing all the lands that Edward has traveled. Where can the Observatory be found? The island on the bottom of the map, the northwest side of Jamaica.
  9. As Edward infiltrates a Jamaican prison to rescue fellow assassins, he sees someone familiar imprisoned in a nearby cell. Who was it? Charles Vane.
  10. You discover a treasure map with no clues to its location other than a simple drawing. But you faintly recall seeing a place like this in… Cayman Sound.

Week 8: August 8

Week 8’s questions go live on August 8. We’ll update this guide with the answers as soon as the questions become available.

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