It is a big pleasure to share the Global Town Crier Media Award (GTCMA) , an international event that takes place quarterly in every part of the world, earning the public trust. To nominate individuals and corporate organizations not limited to the press, print, electronic and social media, and amateur reporters: living and diseased. These are unethical societal advocates that speak truth to power – whistleblowers from every nook and cranny in a timely manner and without fears, intimidations or favors demonstrating exemplary moral characters.

This award is a combined concerted effort propelled, winners are presented virtually, physically and or by representation. TipsNews Team engages independent scouts and volunteers on restricted terms to identify deserving folks; as well as accept nominations online.

GTCMA recipients receive a one-hundred-dollar gift ($100). The recipient’s name and amount are displayed on an oversized customized check. The money may be delivered in prevailing local currency exchange rates.

Support fearless reporting noble course by donating any amount today to keep up with the increasing awardees, this will avail TipsNews to give deserving awards consistently. Donate generously.

Thank you for your nominations and contributions.
God bless you all.

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